Chink in the Armor

Michael Bird at Euangelion mentions a recent article in the journal Theology in which the researchers asked college students in a philosophy course to read and react to selections of New Atheist works:

Since all the participants are university students and undertook this exercise as part of an introductory course in philosophy of religion, it is unsurprising that they were able to critique a number of the arguments presented by Dawkins and Hitchens. It is quite striking, however, that their encounter with an historical-critical approach to the Bible caused them so much consternation. It was obvious in listening to them that this was completely new information for them. Clearly biblical criticism is not part of the conversation in their congregations. That their Christian education is deficient in this regard is most disappointing. Quite apart from anything else, it leaves them, and their fellow parishioners, vulnerable to new atheists’ rhetoric.

Hmmmm … useful information.

(What is it evangelicals study in Bible classes anyway?)