Dark Dungeons on the Big Screen

Dark Dungeons on the Big Screen May 3, 2013

Middle manager JR Ralls won a thousand bucks in the lottery. He’s decided to use it as seed money to start work on producing a movie. And he’s decided to pursue the dream of every gamer who lived through the eighties: he’s going to produce the movie version of Jack Chick’s “Dark Dungeons” tract.

He’s gotten permission from Chick Publishing and started a Kickstarter page hoping to raise $12,500 for a bare minimum movie production. As of this writing, he’s exceeded his goal with 20 days left still to go. Hopefully he’ll get up some nifty stretch goals.

(Note: I can’t embed anything from Kickstarter, since our blog won’t tolerate iframes, so you’ll have to click over to watch the introductory video.)

The glorious thing is that he’s going to play it straight, with actors who are just as talented at acting as Jack Chick is talented at writing. Ralls’ straight-faced style of humor should allow the fundamental absurdity of the tract to shine through. Remember, as Ralls points out, it was Dark Dungeons that taught us:

*Playing RPGs can make you gain real life magic abilities

*If you gain a high enough level you will be invited to join a secret cult

*Gamers whose characters die are in danger of committing suicide.

*That DM’s are vile temptresses that are out to corrupt their players to the forces of evil.

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