Jesus: Zombie Slayer

This is … ummm … whoa

I’ll just put this here. (contains loads of cartoonish violence & gore)

(“You had to show off didn’t you? Always wanting to be the center of attention! ‘Rise up and walk,’ ‘Rise up and walk.’”

“Hey, I never tried this before. It’s natural I didn’t get it right the first time.”)


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  • Shoebutton

    I have to give them kudos for the 3D animation.That part was very well done.

  • Bert Lee

    It is said to be prohibitively difficult to voluntarily gain excommunication from the Church. This might just do it.

  • Artor

    It wasn’t quite as bloody as Last Temptation of Christ, but it looks like a better story. Two thumbs up!

    • Ruth

      “The Last Temptation” wasn’t that bloody. But it is a great novel, and an interesting film. Nikos Kazantzakis was a fascinating author, one that many on this blog might find affinity with.

  • Yoav

    Some people never learn, zombies are like crisps you can never stop at just one.

  • Kenneth Polit

    That was still a better film than Twilight

  • Vincent Ward

    wow!!! zombie slayer.