Survivor to Wolf Blitzer, “I’m Actually an Atheist.”

Man, the whole situation is horrible, but I’ve been waiting for YEARS to see a moment like this.

The kid is cool. Blitzer is inane, but that’s what he gets paid for.

UPDATE: Folks wishing to donate money to help Rebecca Vitsmun, the subject of the above interview, and other atheists in Moore, Oklahoma, area who were affected by the tornado may donate to the Oklahoma Atheists. At their donation page, simply put “tornado relief” in the “add special instructions to seller” field.

  • evodevo

    There are atheists in OK??!!! Next we’ll be seeing Pat Robertson blaming the tornado on her …3…2…1…

  • kessy_athena

    Is it just me, or did it strike anyone else as a bit jarring that she felt the need to add that there’s nothing wrong with people thanking the Lord?

    • Yoav

      She’s probably trying to reduce the amount of christian love™ coming her way.

      • Tempest

        or hoping she doesn’t come out looking like she sides with the likes of the New Atheism movement?

  • aleatharhea

    I learned growing up that just saying what I am was an invitation to everything from virtual universal shunning to severe beating. You can actually see the effect of this kind of attitude here. I’m not talking about Blitzer pushing this woman over and over to thank god; he’s just trying to get a sound bite he thinks is warm and fuzzy. I’m talking about her reaction, trying to gracefully duck it in order to avoid giving offense – the almost inaudible “yeah”s, the lowered eyes – until he just pushes her into a corner, and she must say for her own self-respect, I won’t pretend, I’m not ashamed: “I’m actually an Atheist”