The Atheist Conspiracy

Conspiracy monger Alex Jones, AKA Glenn Beck with less sanity, suggests that occult groups are funding atheist groups. Since we’re not likely to become occultists, they support our atheism and atheists go on to become nihilists and abortionists. And despite the fact that we won’t become occultists and appear to embrace atheism we are actually worshipers of Lucifer. And we love death and blood (Blood for the blood god!!).

And … oh, skip it. Here’s a collection of his rantings:

This is a sludge-pile of conspiracism. Jones is now competing with David Icke to see who can get the most twists and inversions into a single stream of conspiracy theory. He’s somehow decided that the world elites are atheists, occultists and evil death worshipers all at once.

The funny part is that if we quizzed Jones on his religious beliefs, I’m sure we’d find out that Jesus was really a mythical creation of the Roman pagans intended to pacify the Jews.

Oh, that reminds me, hey you pagan occultists, where’s my check?

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