The Thaw

Here’s a group of young Christians who are extremely concerned about the plight of those less fortunate; the poor, the widowed and orphaned, the system that breeds inequality and justifies an oppressive class structure; and also the militarization of American society and the culture of violence that pervades our country and …

Just kidding. They can’t force everyone in their schools to pray along with them and they’re dramatically upset about that fact.

I do have some sympathy. The rulings on the establishment clause have been inconsistent, which makes it difficult to draw the line between religious expressions that are protected free exercise and those which are the prohibited establishments of religion by a government representative. And this confusion trickles down to school boards and administrators who are often half-educated in the interpretation of the First Amendment anyway. It’s understandable that kids can wind up with the wrong idea about what is allowed and what isn’t.

But much of what they’re saying is just wrong:

“Why can’t I pray in school?”

You can, you just have to allow everyone else the same right.

“Why do I have to check my religion at the door?”

You don’t; believe how you want to believe and permit everyone else to do likewise.

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  • lawn

    This group is based in North Idaho. Enough said.

  • lawrence090469

    Prayer, I thought in the time when I did such things, is most sincere and meaningful when performed in the privacy of one’s own thoughts. Nothing is to be gained by the waving of the hands or the flapping of the lips, or in the gathering of many. And much is usually lost. If memory serves, there is a teaching, attributed to their messiah, which speaks to this point. No one is prevented from praying in school, or anywhere else. But that is never really what these discussions are about.

    • Leiningen’s Ants

      Ah, you do remember that then! What I think you’re thinking of is Matthew 6, verses 1-8. Basically it explicitly states that if you aren’t alone and unobserved, or if you take more than about three seconds to say a prayer, the big guy straight up ignores the fuck out of whatever you want. But yes, that’s never what the discussion is actually about. It’s control and power, always, no matter how dressed up to look like something else.

  • severalspeciesof

    I find it quite telling that no comments are allowed on that youtube page…

  • Keulan

    They should read what their Bible, specifically Matthew 6: 5-6, says about prayer.

    Also, am I alone in thinking that people who post these sorts of videos and disable comments and ratings on them are cowards?

  • Tammy Soong

    I hope those crazy kids know that now they have to burn that flag since it’s been sitting on the ground…

  • Carol Lynn

    “People who don’t believe in our god have stolen our country!” Someone please explain the 1st Amendment to to her.

    At the end, the cross falls over once it is thawed out – yeah, that seems about right.