What’s the Thought Process?

The gap between evolutionist and creationist is pretty wide. It shouldn’t be, but the tendency of creationists to get all their information about evolution from fellow creationists creates a gulf of understanding. Often times during a conversation the evolutionist must backtrack and explain what “microevolution” or “genetic drift” actually mean.

This gulf means that challenges from creationists often require some side discussion just to establish what’s going on in the creationist’s head. What, for example, is the thought process behind this church sign:

…. what? Is this just a joke about the “female species”? Evolution does require reproduction, so you gotta have both male and female.

Sometimes the creationist theories are so bizarre that you have to wonder if they’ve thought things through or if they just grabbed onto the first idea that sounded good. Consider this image, taken from Conservapedia on June 15th, on the Post-Diluvian Diaspora (AKA the migration of animals from Mt. Ararat after the Flood):

Please tell me there’s some way of interpreting this other than “the smaller animals got launched by an erupting volcano.” That’s a day when it really sucked to be an Australian marsupial.

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