Lying for a Good Cause

Here’s a video takedown of a common tactic in the modern Creationist movement. In this age of reality television, we’ve all become familiar with the way that clever editing can create narratives that don’t exist. (See Reggie Finley’s experience on Wife Swap as an example.) The vlogger who produced this video show how creationists and apologists like Ray Comfort use these basic techniques to distort the content of interviews:

Via James McGrath

I’m always amazed at the human ability to see what we want to see. Most people who mis-quote or quote mine genuinely believe that they’re accurately reflecting the arguments of their subject. They’re deluding themselves, but not technically lying.

But to go through a video to remove, swap and replace parts takes more effort than dredging up a half-remembered quote. The editor has to know what they’re doing. So I don’t see how the above could be anything but lying.