So Kirk Cameron is trying to tackle the Problem of Evil. This should be … interesting. Here’s the trailer, which consists mainly of Cameron over-emoting and trying to look dramatic, spliced with pictures of a funeral. Minus points for gratuitous banjo.

Christian Nightmares has discovered some of the source material that Cameron is working from:

While I have no more skin in the game, I’m always open to discussions of the problem of evil. But it’s an old, old question that has only gotten more vexing as our awareness of human suffering has increased. The answer has to make some kind of sense while also being emotionally satisfying.

Cameron, and his friend Ray Comfort, specialize in pithy answers to serious questions. Their goal has always seemed to be creating the perfect one-line response to the problems of Christian faith. I honestly can’t imagine them being able to thread the needle and come out with a real answer.

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