Hail Azathoth

I’d just like to remind all of you that I live nowhere near Oklahoma City. I expect you all to be my alibis when the police ask about all the empty bags of concrete mix in my basement.

Monument to ‘god of chaos’ mysteriously appears in front of Oklahoma City restaurant

An Oklahoma City restaurant has a concrete problem in its hands.

Staff at Paseo Grill, located in Oklahoma’s historic Paseo Arts District, are still making sense of a mysterious concrete block that materialized on their front lawn last Friday.

The three-foot-high monument to the fictional deity Azathoth is rough to the touch. It appears as if it has been chipped loose from a base. […]

A bronze plaque attached to one side of the monument bears these puzzling words, “In the Year of Our Lord 2012 Creer Pipi claimed this land for Azathoth.”

Azathoth is a fictional being mentioned in science fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft’s stories. The primordial power is sometimes seen as the god of chaos.

“There are about 20 people who called me and said they want to buy it,” Rawlinson said. “But there are some who say it’s a bad demon and that we shouldn’t even touch it.”

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