Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to to all my fellow working Americans. Let me just remind folks that I wrote about the connection between the freethought movement and the labor movement last year, Free Thought and Free Labor.

It’s Labor Day, the day set aside to remember the workers of America and all they’ve fought for over the years. It also seems like a good day to remember the close ties between the freethought movement and the Labor movement. Although in recent years this relationship has waned, it was once central to the understanding of freethinkers.

The post also contains my favorite version of Joe Hill’s “Pie in the Sky”. This year I thought I just punk it up a bit:

If that’s got you feeling a bit militant, consider reading the blog Today in Labor History or Erik Loomis’ This Day in Labor History at LG&M. Pay particular attention to the Battle of Blair Mountain.

You know, on Veterans Day we like to say, “If you like your freedom, thank a vet.” Maybe on Labor Day we should say, “If you like the fact that you have more than the freedom to work 14 hours a day or starve, thank a labor organizer.”

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