“I Didn’t Want to be Part of Her Marriage.”

As has been noted in several places, the bakery in Oregon that refused to provide a wedding cake to a lesbian couple has closed down. While the charge that they violated the Oregon Equality Act is still being investigated, they’re moving to a in-home bakery.

“mean-spirited mafia-style tactics”? Maybe I’m just a crass New Yorker, but here “mafia-style tactics” means fire-bombing, being beaten in an alley, or just being gunned down in the street. I guess you could call that “mean-spirited,” but I have a hunch that the bakers really mean they got a lot of bad press and angry words.

  • kessy_athena

    “I’m sure the Lord will take care of us in the future,” huh? Well, I hope for their sake that Yahweh has a sweet tooth….

  • Flonk Bob

    Hahahahahahaha! Hope they lose everything. Then Jeebus can feed them. Maybe some fish and bread?

  • RickRayFSM

    Next thing you know, they’ll be refusing to serve diabetics. “ARE YOU DIABETIC?, WE WILL NOT SERVE YOU AS IT MIGHT KILL YOU” Christians are a bunch of hypocritical, imaginary sky-daddy addicts ! Diabetics are on the increase while xtians are decreasing. When will they learn that people are born gay. Maybe they need some SCIENCE education in their life !

  • Mark Joseph

    I wonder if they ever made a cake for someone divorced who was getting remarried? If so, then one almost has to suspect them of cherry-picking which people they will choose to hate because of their religion, and which “sins” they will overlook in the name of profit.

  • Shoebutton

    Apparently Melissa isn’t quite as sweet as she lets on..