They’re Not All Like That

Via Exploring Our Matrix comes word of the NALT Christians Project.

You may remember that Dan Savage coined the phrase “NALT” or “Not All Like That” to describe the hapless Christians who just want folks to know that they’re not like Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell. Savage complained that such people need to speak out. They need to be heard by Tony Perkins, Maggie Gallagher and the other conservatives who speak as if there could be no Christian opposition to their anti-gay agenda.

Several Christians, including our neighbor John Shore, have decided to take up the challenge. They’ve adapted the model of Savage’s “It Gets Better” campaign, and they’re calling from Christians to make their own youtube videos and reclaim the label:

In your video, don’t be at all shy about clearly and explicitly stating, right up front, that you are a Christian who fully and absolutely affirms gay people. ”I’m a Christian, and I do not believe that being gay is a sin” is the simple, uncomplicated message that young gay people need to hear. Be sure that when they hear your testimony, they do.

(I remember how much trouble Shore had trying to get Andrew Marian to commit to that kind of statement. The ball is in your court now, Marin. We don’t need a bridge if we’re all on the same side of the river. Are you going to step up, or are you going to become irrelevant?)

Here’s Dan Savage himself introducing the movement:

And it looks like our friend Fred Clark is one of the first to submit:

(Note the stack of Left Behind books in the background.)

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  • Mick

    They may have decided to cut back on the hatred towards homosexuals but they’ll still be preaching all the other nonsense. For example:
    - Jesus walked on water (Matthew 14:25)
    - Lazarus rose from the dead (John 11:44)
    - Dead people climbed out of their graves (Matthew 28:52-53)

    And the mugs in the pews have no options because Jesus said,
    - If you are not with me you are against me (Matthew 12:30)
    - If you don’t believe the bible then you are damned (Mark 16:16)
    - And if you upset other Christians you should be drowned (Matthew 18:6)

    Also, if you don’t give glory to God there is a chance that He will rub shit on your face (Malachi 2:3)

    • Ctuluhu

      I don’t care if they believe the first three things because believing those doesn’t hurt anyone. As for the other verse, you can always get round them by saying ‘God is love’ and ‘Jesus saves everyone’ and claiming that hell is metaphorical.

      • basenjibrian

        But the Bible also states baldly that Yahweh created evil. 2,000 years of dominant church teachings do not accept the concept of metaphorical hell…it seems pretty clear that “Jesus” (purportedly) DID say turn or burn.

  • GubbaBumpkin

    God, But Mostly Science, Helps Cure Colorado Teen of Cancer

    “I credit all the years of medical research and the training of all the
    doctors going to school — all that definitely cured me,” he said. “But
    God was behind it, helping me go through the treatment. Medical science
    is phenomenal. It would have been a death sentence 30 years ago, but in
    less than a year, I am back on my feet.

    Well, it’s better than usual.

  • Nox

    They’re not all like that. Fred Clark is a great example of one who honestly isn’t. They do however, all support the institution which instructs people to be like that. And of the many, many christians for whom christianity is about mindless hate, most don’t think of themselves as mindless or hateful. Self reporting is always unreliable. Never more so than self reporting on how good a person respondents think they are.

    • kessy_athena

      You know, I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard an evangelical use the phrase “good news” without a shred of unintentional irony. Kudos for Clark, let’s hope people listen to him.

  • Nicole Youngman

    Hey, is that Jeffrey Victor’s book _Satanic Panic_ on Fred’s desk? Cool. :)

  • GubbaBumpkin

    “Reluctant atheist” speaks up

    Eventually, after years of struggle, I finally came to terms with the fact that I no longer considered myself a Christian. A few of my friends with whom I’ve discussed my views have even gone so far as to dub me “the Reluctant Atheist.”

    The only reason the nickname hasn’t stuck is that I still believe in God. I also still believe in the core values of Christianity. However, I am ashamed to call myself a part of a group who shows hate when they preach love. For this reason, I no longer call myself a Christian.

  • Ctuluhu

    Man, Fred Clark looks nothing like I pictured him. I thought he had white hair and a beard for some reason. I pictured him about 50 to 60 years old.

    I’m glad Christians are speaking out about not believing gay people are sinful. I hope it will lead to less violence against gay people and equal marriage, in the USA and ’round the world.

    Maybe atheists should do a series of videos as well, to say that being gay is okay with us? Oh wait, we don’t need to, because we don’t have a holy book of clobber verses in the first place. Maybe we should denounce Stalism and racism instead, since people think all atheists are commies/nazis?

  • Justin

    This is kind of amusing. Why believe the Bible when it says Jesus is God if you just pick and choose what teachings you want to follow? It clearly states, even in the New Testament, that being gay is worthy of death. Gotta love Christians.