Cuccinelli is Losing It

We’ve mentioned Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II before. He’s the candidate for Virginia Governor who strongly supports the crimes against nature law which makes it a felony to perform oral or anal sex.

Despite the common wisdom that conservative candidates do well in Virginia when there’s a Democrat in the White house, the most recent polls show Cuccinelli 17 points behind his opponent in a Rasmussen poll of likely voters. Other polls return similar results.

It’s possible, just possible, that people have finally had enough of these moralizing loons. And I’d like to think that these posters on Virginia college campuses have helped:

Being Agent Scully
Purity in Mississippi
Quote of the Moment: So Not His Father
Meet The Wife
  • Ricker

    Holy shit, I had no idea. I recently moved to Virginia, and while I was not planning on voting for CuckooNelli simply because the Duggars compaigned for him, I didn’t realize just how bonkers he was. Glad you posted this; thanks.

  • James

    Campaigning against blow jobs on a “small goverment” platform – even the Onion couldn’t write a better story than that.

  • Dan Robinson

    So this guy is 45 years old and has never engaged in oral sex. Never had a blow job.
    I defer to Robin Williams…

  • Michael

    I’m pretty sure cunnilingus at least is mentioned in Song of Solomon. I’m quite sure there’s nothing in the Bible forbidding it. So I’m forced to conclude that Cuccinelli is just a bitter prude, rather than (or more likely in addition to) a Christian wingnut.

  • kessy_athena

    My impression is that in the past, people have voted for folks like Cuccinelli because they liked their stances on pocketbook issues (less taxes!) and dismissed the wingnut stuff as either things that the candidates say just to pander to the bible thumpers, or as something the candidate might personally believe but has no realistic plan to put into action. I suspect that recent events have simply made people decide that these folks both mean what they’re saying and if they’re elected may very well actually do what they’re promising.

    • Michael

      Cuccinelli presumably does believe what he says (as this obviously would make no sense as a political move), but he still has no actual chance of passing such a law through the state legislature. I doubt anybody would even introduce the bill.

      • kessy_athena

        Well, I don’t know much about Virginia state politics, so I’ll assume you’re right about that. However, it seems to me that things like the slew of antiarbotion legislation that’s been passed in a bunch of states since Republicans swept in in 2010 have been reminding people that it’s dangerous to dismiss stuff like this as just talk.

        I assume that we both agree that dismissing this stuff as just talk has always been a really bad idea. But I think that a lot of people have been doing exactly that for a while.

  • Greg G.

    Rachel Maddow did a piece on all the other Attorneys General have recused themselves when they ran for office. Cuccinelli refuses to do that. He even refers to himself in the third person in his explanation.

    I think the separation of church and state was to keep religious nuts out of government. It’s not working.

  • LMirza

    kOOCH cares only about vagina, not about the state, jobs, economy, education…