Blasphemy on a Toasted Bun

Kuma’s Corner is a meat-centric burger and sandwich restaurant in Chicago with a great love of local food and international Heavy Metal music. Every month they come out with a “burger of the month.” This month’s burger is the Ghost; a tribute to the extremely theatrical Swedish band of the same name (although it’s sometimes Ghost B.C. in the States).

Ghost plays with the sacred/occult dichotomy that’s been part of Heavy Metal since Black Sabbath went on stage with large gothic crosses. Their vocalist’s identity is hidden under stage name “Papa Emeritus II”, and the instrumentalists are called Nameless Ghouls. They wear dark versions of Catholic garb, with the lead wearing a black Cardinal’s outfit with skull make-up.

Naturally, Kuma’s had to go all the way with the tribute burger. Here’s the ingredient list:

10 oz. patty
Slow braised goat shoulder
Aged white cheddar
Ghost chile aioli

I’ll admit to being intimidated by the ghost chilies, which are some of the hottest chilies on earth. Eating them has been called “culinary skydiving.”

But the pièce de résistance is this:

Red wine reduction
Communion wafer garnish

The body and blood on a bun. It’s the crackergate special, all this month. Someone tell PZ.

  • GubbaBumpkin

    Doesn’t count unless it’s been officially blessed by an official priest of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.
    Those ghost peppers are scary indeed.

    • Intelligent Donkey

      Doesn’t count, but they will be pissed off anyway.

  • Chuck Farley

    I love the idea of this burger, how blasphemous! Although the ghost chili aioli would keep me from eating it. If I’m ever in that area I’ll visit this place for sure.

    I saw this band recently and they put on an excellent performance. If you like metal at all you should give them a listen. While they are metal, the music is on the lighter, more melodic side and the vocals are light as well (no screaming or growling). The lyrics are definitely satanic. As my friend said, “Those guys love the devil and they aren’t even kidding”. I do think they are kidding.

  • Artor

    That sounds delicious! I’d even brave the ghost chili to try that. Maybe never again, but I’ll give it at least one shot.

  • Nox

    Isn’t every cheeseburger blasphemous?

    • kessy_athena

      If you look hard enough, you’ll find some religion or culture where just about anything is blasphemous or taboo.

  • The Other Weirdo

    Well, I guess if you’re gonna do blasphemy, do it with style.

  • f_galton

    This sort of thing is why people think atheists are retards.

    • baal

      f-galton was blocked just yesterday at FA for rampant abusive, bigoted and racists statements. I’d advocate flagging him and not engaging.

      Even a brief review of his posts shows him to having nothing but hate.

      • VorJack

        Noted. If FA is blocking him, we’ll show some solidarity. Thanks.