God Loves Uganda

A trailer for the new documentary God Loves Uganda about the American evangelists who have chosen to spread their anti-homosexual message in Africa:

We’ve mentioned this problem a time or two. A blog titled (ironically) Africa is a Country has a review:

It’s a bit puzzling as to why Uganda needs more Western missionaries. The film makes very clear there are plenty of local ones – dozens of lowly street-side preachers declaiming the gospel in the middle of traffic, and a handful of very rich ones who preach in their church-palaces, and divide their time between mansions in Las Vegas and Kampala, funded with American money and the tithes of their congregations.

American or Ugandan, they’re all obsessed with homosexuality. They denounce it at every turn. And none is more outspoken than Scott Lively, who has made it his life’s mission to fight the ‘homosexual agenda’ (nothing less than the destruction of society as we know it), and who works audiences up into a fury by exhibiting stills from hardcore fetish porn as examples of what gays are up to everywhere, all the time.

The review suggests that God Loves Uganda should be viewed alongside another documentary by the same team, Call Me Kuchu, which deals directly with the damage done by the Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill.

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