How Low Will They Go?

There’s a Planned Parenthood facility just a couple of blocks from where I work. One of the local right-to-life groups tries to picket it every hour that it is open, and then some. The long hours mean that there’s never many of them, and there constant presences makes them just another part of the cluttered urban landscape. I’m probably one of the few drivers who sees them as anything other than background scenery by this point, and I only pay attention because I’m hoping they do something bloggable.

I’ve been amused by the signs they have about fetal heartbeats. There seems to be a countdown. I’m pretty sure when I started this job they were at “You’re baby’s heart starts beating at 40 days.” Then it was down to thirty. I saw one not long ago one for twenty five.

Then recently a group took out a billboard just down the road much like this one:

How much lower can they go? Will stridency and competition push them till we start seeing signs, “heartbeat begins 12 days before conception”?

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