Invisible Watermelon

Quote from Steve Caruso. By way of Bob Cargill.

Left to right, that’s Giorgio A. Tsoukalos from History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens,” Joseph Atwill of Caesar’s Messiah fame and Simcha Jacobovici of various spurious biblical archaeological discoveries.

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  • linford86

    Except that Simcha Jacobovici is an Orthodox Jew, not a Christian…..

    • alfaretta

      He’s an Orthodox Jew who slants his pseudo-documentaries to appeal to fundamentalist Christians.

      • linford86

        Not as far as I’ve seen. I’ve seen him give serious criticisms of Christianity on the Naked Archaeologist.

        • alfaretta

          I have watched more episodes of the Naked Archaeologist than I can stomach, and I’ve never seen him give what I considered a “serious” criticism of Christianity.

    • Yoav

      So? Atwill is, as far as I know, an atheist and Giorgio is a Centauri nobleman, being christian is not a prerequisite for being full of it.

      • linford86

        Not following. What is your point?

    • Michael

      Simcha Jacobovici produced a film called The Lost Tomb of Jesus. I don’t think that picture was in any way trying to imply he was a Christian.

  • kessy_athena

    I object to labeling the show Ancient Aliens as pseudoscience. It’s clearly comedy. ;)