Stephen Fry meets Ex-Gay Doctor

A segment of documentary in which Stephen Fry gently disassembles ex-gay therapist Dr Joseph Nicolosi, founder of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH).

  • kessy_athena

    I love the bit where Fry brings up meterosexuals. “You could easily pass as a gay man.” The look on Nicolosi’s face is absolutely priceless.

    • basenjibrian

      The interesting thing is I think the bigots are somewhat “right” in one sense…a “gay sensibility” HAS conquered Western culture.
      I think the body obsession in some young males today reflects a somewhat “gay” sensibility (whatever that means), even for adamanantly straight males. Myself, I find it weird that straight guys would be so obsessed with this “aesthetics” movement.

      • RowanVT

        Do you find it weird for women to be obsessed with aesthetics? If no, why not?

        • basenjibrian

          Weird is the wrong term. Mea culpa. It’s only that in standard American culture, women were always more interested in “beauty”…traditionally and not universally. Nowdays, men also.
          Merely generalizing here!

          • RowanVT

            Cultures change. High heels used to be a masculine shoe!

            I think what happened is that ‘straight guys’ saw that there was a general appreciation for men who looked after their appearances. Myself, as a heterosexual woman, find a man who has taken that care to be quite pleasing to look at.

            It’s basically peacock feathers, a grab for female attention. So there’s nothing ‘weird’ about it. It makes perfect sense. And men, in previous times, and in the united states, used to take a lot of care about their appearances. The lack of care is probably actually relatively recent.

            • basenjibrian

              I think there is also definitely a class element at work here as well. In my relatively “blue collar” or “working class” suburban county (whatever these loaded terms mean), one observes couples in which women are dressed quite nice, but the males are dressed in ratty jeans and tee shirts worthy of The “nice” menswear shops don;t do that well here.
              In the wealthy inner Bay Area, of course, the males are pretty darn sleek, LOL. Gay or straight.

  • Leopardus

    Interesting. Frye did a pretty good job of being neutral. I like that he does somewhat show all sides. I would certainly have been interested to see more of his talk with Nicolosi though.

  • JohnMWhite

    I noticed Fry visibly trying not to start something when Dr. Nicolosi said “of course you have to get them into therapy,” referring to teenagers caught looking at gay porn. This mentality is quite dangerous, in my opinion, and pervasive through evangelicals and conservative religious parents in general: the idea that they own their children and should panic the second they do something unexpected, to the degree they better take them to be fixed and forced to be whatever their parents expect them to be. A teenager looking at gay porn should not be made to feel like a malfunctioning printer. But their parents have been taught from their own childhood that a broken object made to serve someone else is all anybody is. No wonder love isn’t even mentioned in these sessions, where the religious bias and desperation to blame trauma completely undermine any semblance of medical objectivity.