They Will Burn!

This one is going around. It’s just … um … wow.

Obviously a Liberty University event. No metadata on the video, so I can’t identify the speaker. I’m guessing he’s Glenn Beck’s acting coach.

I sometimes wonder what would happen if we were to take another ethical monothesism – Zoroastrianism for example – and preach it with as much fire and pathos as the evangelicals do. “If you refuse to live under the precepts of asha, for you the Chinvat bridge will be as a razor!”. Would they recognize their own reflection?

  • lorimakesquilts

    This is not a game!! Got that? lol Thanks, I needed a laugh this morning.

  • EmpiricalPierce

    Can only think of this.

  • GCBill

    At least he admits that the system God set up is “horrible.”

  • mikespeir

    This guy is a lot more worked up about me burning in Hell than I am. Now, considering there is no actual Hell, he’s the only one who’s being burnt by it.

  • brgulker

    I actually have respect for someone who is consistent a in his beliefs about hell. A lot of Christians claim to believe in hell, and believe that other people will spend eternity there, but they don’t do anything to prevent that fate. This guy looks like he is off his rocker, but at least he is trying to warn people who he believes will spend eternity in torment.

    • Artor

      “someone who is consistent and his police about how.”
      Umm… what?

      • brgulker


    • JohnMWhite

      I don’t respect anyone who is consistent about their belief about hell, because they continue to worship the unimaginably cruel, vicious and arrogant entity that would send people there for not appealing sufficiently to its vanity. He’s a quisling, trying to get us to suck up to our enemy.

  • GubbaBumpkin

    And where, you might ask, does Liberty University get its faculty?

    Phill Kline is indefinitely suspended from practicing law

    Citing “clear and convincing evidence” of professional misconduct, the
    Kansas Supreme Court on Friday indefinitely suspended the law license of
    former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline.

    The court found that Kline violated 11 rules governing the professional
    conduct of attorneys during his tenure as the state’s highest law
    enforcement officer and while he served as Johnson County district

    The disciplinary action that led to Friday’s order arose from Kline’s
    investigation of abortion clinics while he was attorney general, and
    from his handling of a grand jury proceeding while Johnson County’s
    district attorney.

    Kline, now an assistant professor of law at Liberty University in Virginia…

  • Rain

    Oh the huge manatee! The huge manatee!!

  • Mark Joseph

    I just ran into this quote from Billy Sunday: “If there’s no hell, then a lot of preachers are receiving money under false pretenses.” Curious thing is, I agree! ;-)

  • RickRayFSM

    Any deity that creates a hell for its children should be the first to roast in it to prove it exists. Hell is just another fantasy invented by the church to keep its sheep in line and paying 10% of their wages.

  • Maxximiliann

    Hellfire is an evil lie:

  • beau_quilter

    This is not just any Liberty University event; it is the Convocation. And the wacko at the podium with a monster for a god is Tony Nolan.