Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me I Was Going to Hell?

Isn’t this always the way? You buy a house, and you don’t find out until six months later that it’s located just north of the gates of Hell.

I live in a tiny town along the Hudson called New Baltimore. It’s basically an ex-burb of Albany. The kind of place where you keep your car doors locked or you’ll end up with a back seat full of zucchini.

And judging from Google Maps, it’s a portal to the outer darkness:

Basically, it looks like there was some serious glitching going on when the Google car came through, and no one caught it or corrected it. So now we’re showing up in all sorts of spooky street view lists for Halloween.

Frankly, it’s likely to be the only attention that New Baltimore gets. Anyway, Happy Halloween from all of us lost souls in Gehenna’s smokey grasp.