Alabama High School Goes There

If you thought holding signs with bible quotes before football games is offensive, take a look at this:

From All Alabama:

McAdory High School has issued a public apology for a “Trail of Tears” banner that was held up during a weekend football game versus the Pinson Valley Indians.

The sign, which originally began making the internet rounds through a Tumblr blog post, reads:

“Hey Indians, get ready to leave in a Trail of Tears Round 2”

I can just about imagine the thought process behind this. When I was in highschool, a bunch of kids in a athletic team led by a teacher named Roberts decided it would be a great idea to call themselves “Robert’s Reich.” The inability to attach consequence to action is pretty much the definition of being a teenager. And there’s just something about competitive sports that brings out the worst.

Fortunately the school administration sees the problem correctly:

On the McAdory High School website, Principal Tod Humphries said he accepts “full responsibility that arrangements were not made to have the signs pre-approved before the ballgame.”

The person who is usually in charge of approving such signs, he said, is currently out on maternity leave.

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