Anti-Christians Throughout History

This may be some kind of high water mark in the Christian persecution complex:

The above is an ad for a new book by pastor Kevin Swanson, imagining himself in 2028, imprisoned in the foul dystopia that America has become. Instead of The Hunger Games, we find that Swanson has been imprisoned because of a chain of events beginning with the outlaw of Leviticus 20:13. He rants about the good old days, before the strike down of anti-sodomy laws and the use of “CE” instead of “AD.”

Swanson is a bit confusing. He can’t seem to decide when it all went wrong. As Right Wing Watch explains, Swanson has blamed just about everyone of historical note in his new book. To give you some idea, here’s part of an approving review in WorldNetDaily:

Swanson’s analysis of the roles played by men like Charles Darwin (obvious), John Locke, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Dewey, and Nathaniel Hawthorne – among others – is so compelling, “Apostate” should be a Bible study in churches across the land.

In a supremely clever and eye-opening bit of writing, Swanson refers to these men as the “Nephilim,” which of course find their fame in the book of Genesis – the mysterious beings who sought to corrupt mankind. It is a precise and descriptive word to explain the dark agendas that unfold in this book.

Let’s take Hawthorne for example. As Swanson writes: “Nathaniel Hawthorne was the 19th century American literary giant who did more to shift the American culture away from its national Christian heritage than anyone else. His hatred of the Puritans was deeply personal, relentlessly bitter and marginally psychotic.”

But Swanson can’t stop there. If you’re going to criticize western culture, you have to go for its godfather: William Shakespeare:

Swanson has done his research, and shows that the Bard was a somewhat shadowy figure: “Mystery surrounds his education, religious background and his induction into the theater scene in London.”

Swanson also pulls back the curtain on a key plot point with regard to Shakespeare and the influence of theater (which of course has evolved in our day to film): “Since Shakespeare’s day, the theater and the fine arts have become seedbeds for homosexual themes and homosexual behavior.”

Honestly, ever since that Jesus fellow showed up it’s all been downhill.

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