Satan is Everywhere

Here’s seven minutes of eighties nostalgia, as author Phil Phillips and pastor Gary Greenwald – who seems to be the inspiration for Ray Comfort’s facial hair – explain why every toy or cartoon your child might be exposed to is really a gateway to SATAN!

(via i09)

Things haven’t changed all that much. Here’s Al Mohler complaining about Halloween:

The coming of Halloween is a good time for Christians to remember that evil spirits are real and that the Devil will seize every opportunity to trumpet his own celebrity. Perhaps the best response to the Devil at Halloween is that offered by Martin Luther, the great Reformer: ‘The best way to drive out the devil, if he will not yield to texts of Scripture, is to jeer and flout him for he cannot bear scorn.’

Yeah, Satan is kind of like a Baptist preacher in that way.

Now may be a good time to point to this article from Scientific American about the psychological impact of believing in “pure evil”:

Regardless of whether the devil actually exists, belief in the power of human evil seems to have significant and important consequences for how we approach solving problems of real-world wrongdoing. When we see people’s antisocial behavior as the product of an enduring and powerful malice, we see few options beyond a comprehensive and immediate assault on the perpetrators. They cannot be helped, and any attempts to do so would be a waste of time and resources.

And as always, we can expect the good folks at Landover Baptist to explain the way to properly celebrate Halloween. For example, this handy hint:

Place a burning cross in your front yard, dress your kids up as ghosts, form a circle around the cross, and sing hymns all night.

Indeed. A fine Christian tradition from where I come from.

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