Homeschool Apostates

Kathryn Joyce, author of such books as Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement, has a nice article up at American Prospect on the fundamentalist homeschool movement and the folks who escape it: The Home School Apostates.

It’s worth a read if you have a few minutes, and it gives a shoutout to our neighbors at No Longer Quivering. Beyond that, this paragraph jumped out at me:

For Ryan Stollar and many other ex-homeschoolers, debate club changed everything. The lessons in critical thinking, he says, undermined Farris’s dream of creating thousands of eloquent new advocates for the homeschooling cause. “You can’t do debate unless you teach people how to look at different sides of an issue, to research all the different arguments that could be made for and against something,” Stollar says. “And so all of a sudden, debate as a way to create culture-war soldiers backfires. They go into this being well trained, they start questioning something neutral like energy policy, but it doesn’t stop there. They start questioning everything.”

The secret weakness of fundamentalist culture: Lincoln-Douglas Debate.

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