The Next Level of Poe’s Law

Via Everything is Terrible, here a short piece instructing Evangelicals in how to properly witness to Jews.

Regardless of how bad you think it will be, I promise you that it’s worse.

I wish I had the guts to ask some of those “leading questions.” My Jewish coworkers would never speak to me again, but the look of stunned horror would be one of those memories you keep forever.

(2:21) “It really isn’t any harder to make friends with a Jew than it is a Gentile. Show interest in that person and extend friendly gestures, like the crusaders of the middle ages who offered Jews the choice of conversion or death.”

O.o WTF? What the actual fuck?

We have reached the next level of Poe’s law. I can’t imagine anybody seriously delivering that line. On the other hand, anybody writing a parody would strike it out as too over the top.

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