My Jealousy of Atheism

by Barry HardeeI’m admitting something that most Christians never dream of saying out loud — I’m jealous of atheists. How could you not be jealous of a position of rationality and enlightenment? My jealousy on this particular occasion though is restricted to the area of language. Definitions a-theism: without a belief in a deity or deities I know there are debates about implicit and explicit atheist positions, but if someone claims to be an atheist people know what is being communicated. The si … [Read more...]

How Christianity Represses Reason

by Jersey FlightThe student should be bothered by the teacher who isolates him, who seeks to control him, forbids him to use his mind and manifests insecurity at the sight of opposition. A strong theory should be able to withstand criticism, and will often earn greater respect under the knife. However, those who are afraid to ask questions are often afraid because their systems are threatened by reason. Essentially, the Christian admits, though not directly, that he is forced to suppress … [Read more...]

Atheism Is Easy… Explaining the Hulk Is Not

by Matt Casper, co-author of Jim & Casper Go to Church and a founder of ChurchRater.comI have no idea how long I have been an atheist. I also have no idea how long I will continue to be an atheist.The reason I say the former is that there was not some "eureka!" moment, no day I celebrate or honor... it was simply gradual, as is all real and lasting change.The reason I say the latter is that I am not 100% certain there's not a god or gods. Gods can neither be proven nor disproven in the … [Read more...]

Poetic Atheism

by Jennifer Michael HechtDear Bleaders,We're here on this blog together because we don’t believe in Dog, right? Strike that, reverse it, reinstate.Look. I call my way of seeing things Poetic Atheism. I don’t believe in anything supernatural. I don’t think the universe can think. I don’t believe there is some special being that is separate from the universe and knows about us and cares about us and made us. All of that is the imaginative fantasy of one group of animals on planet Earth. … [Read more...]

How I Got a Refund From My Church

by Billy BraunI was a TrueChristian™ for about eight years starting back in 1981. I attended a Pentecostal non-denominational church (Glad Tidings-Boise) back in the first five years of my time as a believer. It was there that I learned to accept the idea that my first duty to God was to tithe to the church. I was absolutely faithful in my giving of tithes and offerings. I was a "happy giver."After five years at Glad Tidings I became drawn towards Calvary Chapel of Boise. The vibe at C.C. w … [Read more...]