Forum Side Spam Issues

Hello all. Apologies for the state of the forums at the moment; basically the forum host is crap and deals with spam really badly. I stripped out about 200 spam posts last night, and literally thousands of spam tags, and I've had to do the same again today. Basically somebody's got a bot spamming tags and posts faster than I can deal with them, so the forum is essentially unusable until whoever it is gets bored and stops. I can't even ban the bots as fast as new ones sign up, and I can't set the … [Read more...]

Ray Comfort is Still an Idiot

Honestly, how does somebody that stupid remember how to breathe? … [Read more...]

Straight People: Support Gay Marriage! You Can’t Compete!

And one for the ladies: … [Read more...]

Venturing off the Atheism Track

This post will discuss rape, including specific instances of rape, both historical and fictional.I want to take a little side-track from talking about religion today. I want to talk about something else instead.I know it's not really what we do here at UF, but I think what we do do boils down to talking about ideas; today I'd like to talk about feminism. Or at least I think I'd like to talk about feminism; the definition of that word seems to change depending upon who you talk to; … [Read more...]

Absence of Evidence / Evidence of Absence

I started this off as a reply to a post in another thread, but it ran on a little and I wanted to see if anybody can pull my thinking on it to pieces.Rain said:"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."I see this sentiment expressed a lot, even amongst sceptics, and I wholeheartedly disagree.To create an example: There is no evidence that a bulldozer has been recently parked in my garden. There is also no evidence that a bulldozer hasn't been parked in my garden. So how am … [Read more...]