When Fundies Get Pathetic

I thought I'd let you in to a little bit of the routine of a moderator here on UF. Or maybe it's just me who goes to these lengths, I don't know. Anyway, this morning I logged in and saw this little icon:Which is there to tell me that somebody's awaiting moderation. This is pretty common, since all first commenters on the site have to be pre-moderated; it cuts down the spam you guys see and makes mods lives easier. This morning's was a little bit special though. It wasn't a comment chock … [Read more...]

Deconstructing Butt-hurt British Bigots

Today I want to analyse a story that I read on the BBC during my lunch break. It's a story that... Well... It ground my gears. It's a story about homophobic bigots who hide behind religion and claim that their intolerant, hate-filled bile is actually "morality".It's this story. The basic theme is: Roman Catholic Bishop uses Christmas sermon to attack UK Gov plans to legally recognise gay marriage (as distinct from Civil Partnerships). I want to pick out some passages and pass my own (fair … [Read more...]

Mind Boggling Religious Rules

I'm guessing that most of our readers will be familiar with at least a few of the fairly brain numbing rules that Christianity dictates for its adherents, and I'm pretty sure we all know that all Christians are at best selective about which rules they follow and which they don't. Leviticus' instructions on making burnt offerings spring to mind as the obvious example. The Abrahamic religions all seem to have these little aberrations, so I set myself the task of finding the most bizarre set of … [Read more...]

Stay classy, Eric Hovind.

I'm just going to let this tweet speak for itself.What. The. FUCK. … [Read more...]

Don’t tread on me!

Sometimes an image sums something up so beautifully that I just have to share it :-) … [Read more...]