American Atheists and the WTC Cross

Many battles have been fought as of late regarding government in the US at one level or another being involved in public displays or symbols that could be construed to have religious meaning. Outright religious expression funded by government is rightly banned under First Amendment jurisprudence, but fuzzier areas of expression still remain to be adjudicated. Recently, for example, the Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) was sued by the American Atheists for the memorial markers they use on the roadside, … [Read more...]

Christianity, Environmentalism, and Long-Term Strategies for Success

Following the death of Jesus, there were many arguments among early Christians about what path the new religion would take going forward. It is my belief that two of these arguments determined, more than any other, the future survivability and later impressive success of Christianity in the world.One of the major early arguments--framed in the Bible as a dispute between Peter and Paul--was whether this new movement was still Jewish, or whether it should expand to encompass Hellenic peoples … [Read more...]

Adoption and Unhelpful Moralizing

Often during the abortion debate, adoption is proffered as a solution which might make abortion unnecessary in most cases. Most people on both sides of the debate find adoption at the very least less problematic than abortion, and wish to see it promoted as an option.  The primary roadblock to this solution being in any way practical, however, is that there aren't nearly enough prospective parents willing to adopt. Of those willing, some are not able, and some are overly selective about who they … [Read more...]

Is Anti-Islam the new Antisemitism?

Thank you all for the warm welcome. I had two ideas for posts to start off, one a bit less controversial than the other; I decided to go with the easier one first.There have been many words aired over the proposed Cordoba Center in Manhattan, presumably because of its proximity to the World Trade Center site. With the attention paid to this particular mosque, a person might be easily led into thinking that the controversy is simply over a site with historical and emotional value, and that … [Read more...]