In the Closet with Pastor Ted

by Lorette C. Luzajic Part 29 of Pillars of FaithTrapped by FidelityPastoral trysts with twinks are blamed on everything from queer demons, to weak flesh, to tests of faith. The most obvious reason- “I’m gay”- seems unthinkable.In the case of  Rev. Ted Haggard of New Life Church, also then-president of the National Association of Evangelicals, another preacher went so far as to insinuate the blame for such dalliances rests on the wife.A woman just might push her husband to liaison with me … [Read more...]

God's Lunatics

by Lorette C. LuzajicThose of you who enjoy reading my Pillars of Faith column may like Michael Largo’s book, God’s Lunatics, even more (Harper Collins, 2010). My columns offer a brief sketch of revered Christian leaders- the unflattering stuff they’d rather you ignore while offering unwavering obedience. Largo’s compendium doesn’t seek to skewer authority-abusing Christians so much as to reveal how very many religious are truly nuts. Far from being a rare aberration of faith, the nut may be th … [Read more...]

American History X: David Barton

by Lorette C. Luzajic Part 28 of Pillars of FaithThou Shalt Not LieDavid Barton is reclaiming America for the Lord. He is tirelessly educating Americans about their historical roots and beloved constitution. He talks about the secular invasion in America, and he’s taking it back and giving it to God.We’ve heard about one nation under god so often that we believe it. We know that in the beginning, God wrested America from the pagan hands of the devil’s children and gave it to his right … [Read more...]

The Lies of James Dobson

by Lorette C. Luzajic Part 27 of Pillars of Faith Guilty as Spongebob Jim’s writings were revered like Apostle Paul’s in my childhood home. His Focus on the Family propaganda is so wholeheartedly American that it became brand. After three decades of homo-terror warnings, not even his ridiculous boycott of Spongebob made him lose credibility among disciples. Spongebob is guilty of “homosexual advocacy,” Dobson says.He was born in Louisiana in 1936 and born again at three. He received his doctor … [Read more...]

Don't Mess With Texas's Doyle Davidson

by Lorette C. Luzajic Part 26 of Pillars of Faith Blame it on the Boogie Pastor Doyle Davidson doesn’t believe in mental illness. “I do not believe that any mental illness exists other than demons, and no medication can straighten it out, other than the power of God,” the Texas preacher said.The founder of Water of Life Ministries in Plano, Texas, was “called” to plant a church after God told him Plano was possessed by the demonic spirit of Jezebel, whose evil seductions “forced” 850 godly men … [Read more...]