Still Too Large for an Insane Asylum

From the South Carolina news site, The State:South Carolina has 50 official state symbols — including a state heritage horse, a state migratory marine mammal and a state beverage — but it does not have a state fossil.Eight-year-old Olivia McConnell wants to change that.McConnell wants the state fossil of SC to be the Woolly Mammoth. I think you have to be eight to care about the state this-and-that, but it's still cute. We like to tell kids that they can always write to the law … [Read more...]

Autism Risk: Reality vs. Media Perception

Neuroscientist Saw Wang, writing for the New York Times, tries to make some sense out the the science surrounding autism spectrum disorders. He's particularly interested in the risk factors that are linked to rises in autism. Along the way he compared the risks discovered in scientific studies to the risks reported by the media:(click twice to embiggen. Or go to the original article)That last entry is pretty striking. There is no evidence currently that vaccines increase the risk … [Read more...]

Meet The Wife

Via Christian Nightmares:This is creepy. It also adds an unpleasant subtext to all the hip young pastors who make an issue of their "smokin' hot wife". … [Read more...]

Where the Fire Comes From

St. Paul and the Broken Bones is a blues/soul group that's been making waves. They've got a visual hook: they're all pasty white and the lead singer looks like he should be in a live action Dilbert program. Yet they play a kind of Southern R&B that's very familiar to me from growing up in NC, and Paul Janeway sings like it's his last chance to save his soul. Clark is a fan. Not surprisingly so are a lot of NPR listeners - it's that kind of … [Read more...]

Our Daily Bread

Ran into this while clicking around. Don't know where it's originally from:Like I said, I don't know where this is from, so I can't say if its a real or a parody. Regardless, it's just a more extreme version of something I've seen from creationists. They'll ask, "If evolution is real, then why haven't [dogs, whales, aardvarks, monkeys, etc.] learned to talk?"The thinking seems to be that evolution is a fixed path that guides life forms to a higher state, represented by humans. … [Read more...]