The Bible was the world's first Wikipedia article

“In many respects, the Bible was the world’s first Wikipedia article. So many hands have altered and edited the now lost originals that we will never know for sure what those originals said.” (Doug Brown) … [Read more...]

God is Imaginary

One of my favorite atheist sites is God is Imaginary. I don't think an honest, open believer could go through all 50 proofs and not have doubts about God. … [Read more...]

Following Jesus

Christians often think of Christianity as "following Jesus." If this is so, then we need to know what Jesus really said and did. Unfortunately, we don't, as anyone familiar with post-medieval biblical scholarship knows. The Bible just isn't a reliable guide to the historical Jesus.The irony is that people who seek after the historical Jesus -- those who try and determine what Jesus really said and did -- might end up being the real Christians. They are at least closer to knowing who Jesus was … [Read more...]

Unreasonable faith?

Faith is unreasonable. It's unreasonable to believe the miraculous stories in the Bible are historically true. It's unreasonable to think that God is answering our prayers. It's unreasonable to believe that Jesus is alive today, or that he was born of a virgin, or that he raised from the dead. It's unreasonable to sing love songs to him, too.It's unreasonable to believe in the millions of gods that people have believed in throughout history. And it's unreasonable to believe in the ones that … [Read more...]