Unreasonable Faith accepts well-written essays, book reviews, lists, and interviews relating to religion, science and/or skepticism.

How to Submit: Email your post to unreasonablefaith [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject “Post Submission” in Word or HTML format. Include a one-sentence byline and a link to your blog (if applicable). Posts will be edited for clarity and grammar.

Traffic: Unreasonable Faith gets hundreds of thousands of views each month and has over 2,200 daily feed subscribers.

To increase your chances of acceptance, please review and follow this style guide:

General Principles

  • Short. Under 700 words, unless it’s very interesting. Omit needless words and thoughts.
  • Scannable. Do this by (1) keeping sentences & paragraphs short, (2) using bullets & numbers (3) using blockquotes and (4) adding headers to longer posts.
  • Clear. Clear writing comes from clear thinking. Get your points and thoughts in order before you start fleshing it out with prose. Avoid obscure words.
  • Interesting. Nobody wants to read something that’s boring. Be specific. Use stories, anecdotes, wit, humor, and comparisons.
  • Rewritten. Don’t knock something off and send it in. Simplify, clarify, rephrase boring sentences, and use rhythm, rhyme, and alliteration.
  • Professional. Check your spelling. Read it aloud to catch grammar mistakes and awkward phrasing.

Book Reviews

  • Include summary of the book, a critique, and a concluding thought.
  • A couple quotes from the book can be helpful to get an idea of the author’s style.
  • Consider ending with something thought-provoking or a question for people to discuss.


The best book on writing is William Zinsser’s On Writing Well. After that, I recommend Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style.