Justice, Freedom and Love

Oh Mary. You were a national treasure. Your heart was golden, you sang for justice, freedom and brotherhood,  and to top it all off, you were one fabulous babe. RIP, Mary Travers.

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  • David Nickol

    I was walking around depressed on the campus of Ohio State in the late 1960s and went past one of the huge arenas, where a concert for Peter, Paul, and Mary was just about to begin. I don’t think I had even known about it, but I decided to go in. There was a huge crowd, and everything PP&P did was received with great enthusiasm and thunderous applause. They said they had been on vacation for several weeks, and that it was overwhelming to come back to such a reception. I left feeling considerably better — it was actually one of the best musical performances I have ever attended. I was very upset to hear that Mary had died. There was no one else like her.