For Saint Jim of the Homeless

I see you now and then
In the soup kitchen
Eating ice cream
With beatific bliss
And adding a prayer
during vespers,
For restored peace
In the park where strife
led to knife wounds
in the Forgotten.
Your grey beard and frazzled hair

Is a halo around a face weathered
by sun, and rain, and maybe Mother Gin
In a past and penanced life.
Your love is tender,
And particular and attentive;
the un-sentimental Love of God
For His children.

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  • Sam Rocha

    I love this: “the un-sentimental Love of God”


    • Matt Talbot

      Thank you, Sam.

    • brettsalkeld

      Yes. It is the best of many good lines.
      Good work Matt.

  • Brian Martin


  • Mark Gordon

    I’m sharing this. Thanks, Matt. You give voice to the never-heard.