• Julian Klee

    Thank you for this post. It’s so easy to take clean water for granted here in North America– not just for drinking but for bathing–that the sacramental importance can get lost on us. We’re poorer for it. I remember traveling years ago in certain backwaters of South Asia, where clean water is at a premium, and Biblical references to springs of living water and sprinkling with clean water and so forth became a rich source of devotional contemplation. (A worthy summary of such references can be found here: http://www.earthcareonline.org/water_in_the_bible_032908.pdf ).

    PS — My Lenten pledge this year was to drink only water, clear and clean, for the 40 plus days. It’s a wonderful way to contemplate the related Scriptures. I recommend it.

    • Mark Gordon

      Thanks, Julian. That’s a wonderful Lenten discipline. Can I borrow it next year? :-)

  • Bruce in Kansas

    Thanks for the post. I’ll be reminding people to have a happy World Water Day and to be grateful for the gift of clean water!