Happy Faults

Thank You, O Lord

For my exceeding weakness

My selfishness, my moods, my failures;

For when you come to me

again and again

in the holes I dig

You show me, tenderly

how much I need You.

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  • Carl Diederichs

    “God resists our evil and conquers it with good, or how could God ask the same of us? Think about that. God shocks and stuns us into love. God does not love us if we change, God loves us so we can change. Only love effects true inner transformation, not duress, guilt, shunning, or social pressure. Love is not love unless it is totally free. Grace is not grace unless it is totally free. You would think Christian people would know that by now, but it is still a secret of the soul.” Richard Rohr, BREATHING UNDER WATER, pp. 41-42

    • http://populisthope.blogspot.com Matt Talbot

      Thanks for the comment Carl.

      The thing that constantly surprises me about God is the way he comes and meets me where I am.