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  • Conor O’Reilly

    Excellent post that really connects the dots. Thank you.

    • David Cruz-Uribe, SFO

      You’re welcome!

  • http://gravatar.com/tausign Tausign

    “…to bring about a society where it is easier to be good“

    Your Dorothy Day reference has been percolating with me all week. I’m not aware of the context that she spoke in, but personally I would be reticent to imply that being poor and disadvantaged makes it harder to do good while being rich and privileged makes it easier. Though I do take your point, and that may be exactly what she meant to say. What resonated with me while reflecting on DD’s prescription for our society is how our misplaced zeal is on liberty and autonomy (individualism) vs. shared sacrifice, the common good and communion (brotherhood).

    • David Cruz-Uribe, SFO

      I think DD was looking beyond poor and rich as individuals to a society which is organized around the acceptance that some are poor and some are rich. Catholic social teaching is not only about eliminating poverty, but about eliminating the social structures that make such acceptance possible.