Quote from Pope Francis

Pope Francis, speaking at the University of Manila in response to a 12 year old girl describing her life on the street:

There are some realities that you can only see through eyes that have been cleansed by tears.

I pray for the daily grace of such tears.

Update:  further context for this remarkable quote is given by an article at Crux.

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  • Julia Smucker

    Where these words really resonate with me, more than the gender issues, is as a melancholic – and admittedly a rather defensive one.

    He also said, “Today’s world needs to cry.” I love it when he says things like this. But then I wonder how it squares with other comments that seem to suggest a lack of understanding toward people who don’t share his more sanguine temperament, for example, when he says things like, “A Christian can never be sad.” Something lost in translation, maybe? I don’t like to use that as a go-to dismissal, but I’m trying to reconcile the paradox.

    • David Cruz-Uribe, SFO

      I don’t think something was lost in translation; rather, I think these comments are both highly contextualized. I think in both cases he was responding to something specific and one must be cautious in universalizing either. Now I admit that that is what I am in some sense doing by posting this quote, but on reading it I was really, really struck by it.