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    Long live the memory of the inspiring humanitarian deeds of Mother Teresa.

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  • Tanco

    I would like to reiterate a message that perhaps got lost in the shuffle. That message was about abortion specifically, but what I say now applies to justice and injustice, morality and immorality all.

    Pope Francis is advanced in his spirituality to the point where I am convinced that his mastery of participating in renovation through Christ has reached an incredible depth available to only a few. Many of us, and foremost myself, are still struggling at a feeble pace to participate with the constant spiritual renovation that is at the heart of cooperation with grace. It is not unfortunate that some Europeans balk at the stranger. Rather, this unwillingness is at the base of the introspective struggle for belief and faith.

    The papal exhortation to clothe and feed the stranger is at the very heart of the Gospel message. Pope Francis cannot advise otherwise, because upon these hang the law and the prophets. The pontiff is akin to a brilliant professor whose statements require both unpacking and also a certain level of knowledge. Perhaps on some level Pope Francis believes, quite rightly, that those who clothe and feed the stranger will experience a quantum leap of faithfulness. And yet, some of us are farther along the curve than others.

    Do not the poor of coin as well as heart, individuals and nations both, share the Gospel mission to the stranger? Most certainly. Yet so few of us. and most of all myself, refuse to recognize our poverties.