A Merry Christmas to All!

Gaudete!  Christus Natus Hodie!

A blessed and merry Christmas to all!  I want to share  you one of my favorite humorous Christmas songs—it goes well with the pierogi we made for dinner tonight:

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  • Tanco

    Gaudete omnes! David, I must commend you for making your own pierogi. I cheat and get them from the deli :-(

    Perhaps the most touching scene this Christmas so far was the dismissal of the “catechumens” at Midnight Mass, St. Catherine Church, Manger Square. The non-Christians (perhaps mostly Muslims) lined up. Two priests gave the solemn Pax greeting to those leaving the church. This was a very beautiful sign of peace and unity in a world where Muslims especially are often unfairly maligned.

    I wish the happiest Christmas and Epiphany for you David, your family, and all who read VN.

    • David Cruz-Uribe, OFS

      The secret to making pierogi is the dough. Over the past 30 years we tried a bunch of recipes (including one memorable year when we bought wonton wrappers at the Chinese grocery store) until a Polish waitress gave us her mother’s recipe.

      Peace and all good!

      • Tatiana Durbak

        Actually, it’s the filling. But that’s OK.

        • David Cruz-Uribe, OFS

          Very important, but we always found it easy to make very good filling. As I said, it took years to learn how to make the dough.

  • bill bannon

    A Holy and joyful Christmas to all.