Favorite Patron Saints

As I was catching up on my administrative backlog, I came across an interesting contribution:  an infographic depicting a handful of saints who are, shall we say, patron saints of some pretty odd things.  You can view the graphic here:

Holyart:  Five Curious Patronages of Saints

Who are your favorite saints and what are their unusual patronages?  I will kick this off with my favorite:  St. Agatha of Sicily, patron saint of bellmakers because bells resemble her severed breasts.  I first ran into her when I saw a statue in a museum (in Barcelona, I think) of a woman hold a platter holding what looked like two white chocolate Hershey’s kisses with pink tips.   For our modern era, she has been made patroness of women with breast cancer.

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  • Barrie Beaumont

    I am a Protestant but to be respectful, isn’t this taking sainthood a bit too far?

    • David Cruz-Uribe, OFS

      That there are patron saints—saints whose intercession for various specific causes is believed to be efficacious—is a well established part of Catholic tradition. It got carried away during the Middle Ages, or at least developed to a degree we now no longer fully understand or internalize. Each of these patron saints represented (or represents: see St. Isadore of Seville) a real need and a community’s response to that need. From a different perspective we might find it amusing, but I regard this as an “in-family” joke that outsiders (no offense!) might not appreciate.

  • brian martin

    St. Mathurin, for all the Catholic trump supporters.
    just sayin.

    • David Cruz-Uribe, OFS

      Patron saint of clowns, jesters and madmen according to Wikipedia.

      • brian martin

        imagine that.