Two Notes to our Readers and a Prayer

Two administrative notes for our readers.  First, I believe that I have resolved some long standing issues with comments on our blog.  No one has been blocked, and we were not ignoring your comments:  they were vanishing down a rabbit hole that I could not get into.  I want to apologize to our readers and my fellow bloggers for this.

I now have better control over moderation, and I hope that this will not be a problem in the future.  (I have also learned why I am supposed to read the instructions.)  I have approved a number of comments that were blocked or marked as spam; some of these go back a while.  In the future, if you have problems with the comments not appearing, please write to us at

Second, due to your faithful readership, we have received a second royalties check, which has been donated to Catholic Relief Services.  Please remember the people they serve in your prayers.

Finally, it is my prayer that your Lenten season be filled with the grace, love and peace which the gift of our Heavenly Father through our Lord Jesus Christ.   May you be united more closely with the Crucified One, and may you bring Him to everyone you meet.

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