About David Cruz-Uribe

A short prayer

Lord, what is man that you are mindful of him? Or the son of man that you should care for him? For you have made him little less than the angels, setting him over the wonders of Your creation, to tend and to care for them, to study them and to learn Your ways. Lord, [Read More…]

What Should a Pastor Say?

The presence of so many people on Easter (like at Christmas and on Ash Wednesday) is, shall we say, the 800 pound gorilla in the room. [Read more…]

Easter Chantey (reprise)

I first posted this ditty  6 years ago, shortly after I joined Vox Nova; now that we have a new audience, I want to share it with you.  I wrote it when the kids were little and today, my son (who is 24!) asked me to sing this in the car on the way to [Read More…]

A short word about profits

The authors of Vox Nova want to explain to our readers one detail of our new relationship with Patheos. Patheos is a commercial venture, and as such we get paid by them for the traffic generated by our blog. Vox Nova, however, started as and remains a labor of love, and we do not want [Read More…]

Welcome to the New Home of Vox Nova

Vox Nova is very pleased to relocate from our original home to become part of the Patheos Catholic Channel.  We are grateful to Sam Rocha, the editor here, for his invitation, and are looking forward to making our own contribution to the discussions that go on here. To our old readers, we hope that you [Read More…]


This is not a long post.  This is not a critically reasoned post.  Rather, it is an attempt to explain, partly to myself, why I have decided participate in a bit of Facebook activism.  I don’t usually participate in the social actions that crop up on Facebook, and indeed at times I have been openly [Read More…]

On married priests

At least since Vatican II there has been discussion about married clergy in the Western Church, with many people advocating for it to address the vocations crisis, and with equal numbers arguing in support of the current discipline.  Often missing from these discussions is the fact that the Church has been quietly experimenting with married [Read More…]

On leaving my parish

This post is sort of related to the recent post on Trump’s election, but it is much more personal.  Let me start with a story.  About forty-five years ago, when I was six or seven, my family quit our parish, St. Patrick’s, and moved to Annunciation, the adjacent parish.  I was young, and though my [Read More…]

An old example of liberal Protestant anti-Catholicism

When my Mom died a couple years ago, as we were sorting out her stuff to give to charity, I went through her boxes of books and pulled out some for my own library.  My mother was a great reader, and she helped nourish my own love of books.  We never read many of the [Read More…]

Is It Worse Now?

At mass this morning, one of our deacons preached.  In the middle of a somewhat disjointed sermon, following a thinly veiled attack on the Democrats (he named no names but castigated one party platform for violating the fifth and sixth commandments and for advancing the “transgender agenda”) he asked the question:  are things worse now [Read More…]