A Study Of “On The Character of Men And the Virtuous Life”: Part XLVIII

Introduction and Part II “Man alone is capable of communion with God. For to man alone among the living creatures does God speak – at night through dreams, by day through the intellect. And He uses every means to foretell and prefigure the future blessings that will be given to those worthy of Him.”[1] For [Read More…]

Every Moment, The New Life, But Only If We Work At It

“Abba Moses asked Abba Silvanus, ‘Can a man lay a new foundation every day?’ The old man said, ‘If he works hard, he can lay a new foundation at every moment.’”[1] Most of us find ourselves attached to the past, to the time of the dead. We try to recreate the past, to raise up [Read More…]

The Tragic Story of John Ryan

There once was a man named John Ryan. He was an idealist who wanted to live out the adventure stories of old. He believed society had lost the edge of old, that it was not as fun as exciting as it could and should be. He loved stories about the Old West, but he didn’t [Read More…]

Is This What Christ Died For?

The Catholic Church teaches the preferential option for the poor. This is a basic principle moral principle which comes out of Holy Scripture. Those who are powerless, those who have nothing of their own, must be defended and promoted. Their rights and concerns need prophetic protection. This is true for the unborn but it is [Read More…]

In The Process Of The Incarnation, God Took What Was Human, And Raised It Up To Reveal Himself

A common theme of the prophets was that God was not pleased with, did not want, did not need, the sacrifices which were rendered to him. “What to me is the multitude of your sacrifices? says the LORD; I have had enough of burnt offerings of rams and the fat of fed beasts; I do [Read More…]

We Must Overcome Malicious Anger With Love To Be Followers Of The God Of Love

It is quite common for many of us to let anger get the best of us. When we do so, it turns our good intentions into evil. Strife turns us away from the charity which we should have for each other; anger and malice easily find their way into our hearts, possessing us, encouraging us [Read More…]

Real Charity Lifts Up And Seeks To Right Wrongs

It is often been said that it is better to train someone to fish than to give them a fish because then they would be able to eat for a lifetime. Such training is indeed important, but if someone needs fish today in order to survive, they might not be able to fish, and so, [Read More…]

To Study The Wisdom of the Sages: Against Those Who Place Themselves In The Roles of Bishops On The Internet

All writings, both of secular and divine wisdom, yield instruction when effort is applied. – Olympiodorus, Commentary on Ecclesiastes.[1] There are many rabble rousers on the net seeking to attack bishops who have given support to priests that study and engage non-Christian religious traditions, seeking to find the good within them and using them to [Read More…]

Universals And The Real: Some Thoughts

One of the major debates in the history of philosophy is the debate over universals. It is a debate as to the role of language and its ability to actually describe reality. It’s a debate as to whether or not there are universal, real entities which we actually observe or if we construct conventions relating [Read More…]

A Study Of “On The Character of Men And the Virtuous Life”: Part XLVII

Introduction and Part II “Desire that has its origin in the mind is the source of dark passions. And when the soul is engrossed in such desires, she forgets her own nature, that she is a breath of God; and so she is carried away into sin, in her folly not considering the evils that [Read More…]