11 Rules of Life.

Over the years, I’ve kept journals in which I write down my thoughts, as well as jot down quotes and passages that have meaning to me. After I fill in all the pages in one journal, I start a new one.

I recently came upon a journal that I had completed a decade ago, and within it found a list of 11 “rules”. I actually don’t recall putting together the list, but it’s written in my hand so I’m sure I wrote it. It didn’t have a title, so I’m now calling it the 11 Rules of Life.

It’s by no means a complete list and I’m sure some of the ideas are borrowed from other places. But looking at the list ten years later, I see that much of what I wrote then still holds true today.

Rule 1. The process of learning can be long and difficult. Don’t give up, the answers will come in time.

Rule 2. Go out into the world with a spirit of curiosity and alertness.

Rule 3. Only one person can find the answers to life’s mysteries. You.

Rule 4. Do not tear down an idea, unless you have something better to put in its place.

Rule 5. Find the path to God that works for you.

Rule 6. Guidance is there if you ask for it.

Rule 7. The answers are often right in front of you; you must simply learn to see them.

Rule 8. Do not dwell on any one problem for too long. Let it settle into your being and it will resolve itself.

Rule 9. Find the light at the center of your being and shine it outward.

Rule 10. The highest art is living an ordinary life in an extraordinary manner.

Rule 11. Begin life anew each day.

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