Talking to God on the Bus.

I recently posted the following entry on Twitter:

Had a meeting with God on my bus ride into work today, it’s going to be a good week.

A new Twitter friend read this and responded, “Wow! Have a great week!” Which got me thinking—this was one tweet that needed a little further elaboration than the 140-character limit afforded by Twitter.

If you’ve read some of my past blog entries, you know that I’m a firm believer that God can be found within. As the writer Ralph Trine said over a century ago in the classic In Tune with the Infinite:

“It is through your own soul that the voice of God speaks to you. This is the interior guide.”

When I’m seeking “the interior guide”, I first find a quiet place where I can sit back and relax without interruption—often that’s on my long bus ride into work. It’s here where I can map out the day (and sometimes even my life) including the steps I need to move ahead, both professionally and personally.

The true blessing here is that when I do this I’m not alone. Through light meditation and what Emerson referred to as lowly listening, I’m able to tap into, well, something. Call it God or a source of infinite wisdom, it exists within me—as well as you, if you have the patience and will to find it.

What’s the importance of this morning exercise? Again in the words of Ralph Trine:

“The little time spent in the quiet each day, alone with one’s God, that we may make and keep our connection with the Infinite source—our source and our life—will be a boon to any life. It will prove, if we are faithful, to be the most priceless possession that we have.”

That pretty well sums it up. It’s a priceless moment, one that helps me start every day in the right frame of mind, with the added assurance that any additional wisdom or guidance I need is never far away.

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