Looking for some inspiration? Check out Life Tweets.

I’m excited to tell you that I just published an e-book titled Life Tweets, Inspirational & Spiritual Insights That Can Change Your Life. It’s available on Amazon, though for now you’ll need a Kindle device or a Kindle app on your iPad or smartphone to read it. (Update: A paperback version is now available.)

The book features 200 quotes and phrases I’ve collected from various writers, religions and philosophies, as well as contemporary personalities, that teach some of the universal truths of life. I then offer insights on the meaning behind each quote—or at least a quick take on what the quote means to me personally.

The idea for the book really originated about a decade ago when I began collecting quotes and memorable sayings. When I would read or hear something that struck a chord or offered a fresh insight, I’d jot it down. My collection grew to several notebooks totaling several hundred quotes.

When Twitter came along, it seemed like the ideal place to share with others some of the quotes I had collected, so I dusted off my notebooks and began tweeting the phrases I found most impactful and life-affirming.

For Life Tweets, I selected my 200 favorite tweets and then spent several months thinking about and interpreting what the quotes meant and why the resonated with me. You can see a small sampling of the book below.

Life Tweet #41

At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are & you know what you want. ~Lao Tzu

 It’s funny how our minds can sometimes get away from us, running this way and that, as we try to find answers to life’s big questions. Yet, the fact is, when you slow yourself down and look within to the core of your being, you’ll find you’ve known the right course to take all along. All you need to know about who you are, what you want and where you’re going, is stored within.

Life Tweet #78

I pray daily, not for more riches, but for more wisdom with which to recognize, embrace and enjoy what I already possess. ~Napolean Hill

Think about all that is right with your life and all you have to be thankful for. The roof over your head, your friends, your loved ones, the activities you enjoy, the small moments you cherish, your health. We tend to notice the things we do not have, when the riches we already do have are where the true meaning of life is rooted.

Life Tweet #164

Believe you know all answers, and you know all answers. ~Donald Shimoda

We can look at life one of two ways. One approach is to see it as a dark and mysterious place full of potential perils and pitfalls. The other is to see life as a place of positivity and good will, where a universal source conspires to help us by providing the inspiration, guidance and answers we need. Your beliefs about life help determine how life reacts to you.

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