Children of Poseidon

I recently watched Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters. I never really paid attention to these types of movies before because they are always filled with inaccuracies. However as I was watching this movie with my son something that I kept seeing was the sons (children) of Poseidon are healed by the water. Though it was physical healing, it got me thinking about water and how water is the element of healing. We have holy healing wells, waters and rivers all over the world!
For my entire life of magical practice I have always struggled with male deity. There are some I do work with, but these relationships are not anything like the relationship I have with the Goddess. However when this idea kept popping up in the movie it really got me thinking about Poseidon and water in general as a tool for healing. The message was quite clear to me……The children of Poseidon are healed by water.

After I wrote this bit of a blog post that never got posted, I met a little boy at a henna gig. He was very special, we got to talk about all sorts of things. He asked me to henna a Trident on his arm. I was very excited since no one has asked me to do this before. As we were talking he informed me he was one of the children of Poseidon. I knew he was talking about the Percy Jackson books (the gig was at a library) It made me think, what if he is a child of Poseidon? What if he grows up to be a devote? what if he already is? Aphrodite approached me this way, in a secret and veiled manner, she stayed in the place till I was ready to see her. I wonder if it is the same for the little boy and Poseidon…

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